Representing Acreage Buyers

Buying a home on acreage or raw vacant acreage is nothing like buying a "home".  There are so many issues outside of the normal real estate agents depth of knowledge that at the very least you will need to enlist the assistance of outside consultants just to understand some of these issues.  The danger lies in working with someone that does not even know what questions to ask.


Mark Plog, PE, PLS is a licensed civil engineer and land surveyor in addition to the managing and designated broker for Plog Real Estate.  For decades he has been the person people come to get answers about acreage and raw land all throughout the region and specifically in King & Kittitas County.  


Don't you want to work with someone that knows the right questions and that can help find the answers?


Representing Acreage Sellers

Just like buying acreage, selling it successfully requires knowledge and skill.  When we prepare your property for sale, we can anticipate most of those questions and either provide the answers or direct the buyer to the place to get them.


Less unanswered questions from potential buyers, complete information and competent responses to inquiries will lead to solid offers, less feasibility time and a smooth path to closing with fewer recissions from nervous buyers with an unanswered question.  Preparation of the property for sale is the key and we are uniquely suited to do just that.


Acreage Seller's  Guide (PDF)

Acreage Buyer Checklist (PDF)

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